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Bet365 Bangladesh Deposit Guide - Payment Methods for 2024

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When depositing to Bet365 Bangladesh, most methods are available instantly. You can choose from E-Wallets such as Skrill and Neteller and debit and credit cards. Wire transfer is also an option but it can take up to 10 working days.

You've signed up for a new account with a Bet365 bonus code, and it's tempting to grab the most convenient payment method to make your first deposit. However, we recommend you take the time to read this article and our article on the withdrawal times at Bet365 Bangladesh before making a deposit.

There are 2 reasons to take some time over the choice. The first is to ensure your chosen method qualifies for any bonus offers, as some welcome offers may have payment restrictions. Second, your deposit method is linked to your withdrawal, so making the wrong choice could lead to waiting longer to access your money if you're lucky enough to make a profit.

You should also make sure both the withdrawal and deposit limits match the kind of player you are. If you plan to make big deposits and hope to make big wins, it can be inconvenient if your chosen payment method has a low deposit limit or long delays in crediting your account.

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Method Processing Time Min Max Fee
AstroPay Card AstroPay Card
AstroPay Card
Instant $10.00 $10,000 Free
Skrill Skrill
Instant $10.00 $38,000 Free
Instant $20.00 $50,000 Free
Skrill 1-Tap Skrill 1-Tap
Skrill 1-Tap
Instant $10.00 $13,000 Free
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Instant $10.00 $30,000 Free
Credit Card Credit Card
Credit Card
Instant $10.00 $30,000 Free
paysafecard paysafecard
Instant $10.00 $1,000 Free
Bank Transfer Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer
2 - 10 Banking Days $50.00 $100,000 Free
Accepted Currencies:


Use an Astropay Card or account to deposit up to $10,000.

Astropay is a useful payment method if you prefer not to use your credit or debit card to fund your account. You can add funds to your Astropay account and use them to top up at Bet365.

The deposit limits using Astropay are slightly lower than with other payment methods. You can deposit $10-$10,000.


Deposits $10-$38,000 with Skrill.

Skrill is a popular e-wallet that allows you to make instant deposits of up to $38,000. To ensure your deposit goes smoothly, you should ensure your Skrill account is video verified and that the name and email address on your Skrill account match those on your Bet365 account.

You can also choose the Remember Me option when using Skrill which will keep you logged on so that if you wish to deposit from the same browser and device in future, you do not need to enter your details.


Deposit $20-$50,000 to your Bet365 account with Neteller.

If you plan to make large deposits, then Neteller may be the best e-wallet for you. Deposits are instant, and you can deposit up to $50,000 in one transaction. The lower deposit limit for Neteller is $20, as opposed to $10 for most other payment types, so if you prefer to make occasional small deposits, it might not be the best choice.

Your Neteller account must be video verified, and the name and email address must match your Bet365 account.

Skrill 1-Tap

Deposit up to $13,000 with one tap.

With Skrill 1-Tap, you can deposit from any device or browser without entering your Skrill account details. The deposit limits are lower than regular Skrill, but you can still deposit up to $13,000 per transaction.

As with regular Skrill deposits, your Skrill account must be video verified and use the same name and email address as your Bet365 account.

Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard

Use a Credit Card to deposit up to $30,000.

When using a credit card to deposit, you can add between $10-$30,000 to your Bet365 account instantly. You can store up to 5 cards on your account to use in future, and the registered name on the card must match that on your Bet365 account.

Although Bet365 does not charge for using a credit card to deposit, you should bear in mind that there may be interest charges on deposits made in this way.

Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro

Deposit $10-$30,000 using your debit card.

Debit and credit cards are treated the same by Bet365. You can store 5 cards in total, a combination of debit and credit cards.

Debit card deposits are free and instant and will appear on your statement as bet365.


Fund your account with Paysafecard vouchers.

You can purchase Paysafecard pre-paid vouchers online or at physical outlets and use them to fund your Bet365 account with between $10-$1,000.

The deposit limit using Paysafecard is low, so won't suit those who like to bet big, but it's a useful alternative to traditional debit or credit cards.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfers can take up to 10 working days.

If you need to make deposits over $50,000, then Bank Transfer is the only choice. You can deposit $50-$100,000 and should include your Bet365 username as a reference when making your payment to make sure it can be applied to your account.

Bank transfers are not instant, and you should allow up to 10 working days for your funds to arrive.

How to Deposit to Your Bet 365 Account

To deposit to your Bet365 account, you can access your account menu by clicking the account icon at the top of the screen. On the drop-down menu, you will see a Deposit button, or you can select Bank to visit the cashier.

bet365 account menu
Select Deposit to make a deposit to your Bet365 account

On the deposit page, you can choose a deposit method saved on your account or add a new one.

bet365 mobile deposit page
Choose your deposit method on the deposit page

Enter your deposit amount and enter any requested details. Some payment methods may redirect you to your payment provider to confirm the transaction.

Setting Deposit Limits

There are various tools offered by Bet365 to allow you to manage your gambling. You can set deposit limits for 24-hour, 7-day or 30-day periods. You can also set reality checks to remind you how long you've been playing, time outs if you need a break, or self-exclude if you find your gambling becoming a problem.

bet365 gambling controls
Access Gambling Controls from the account menu

You can access all these tools from the Gambling Controls section of your account, or the option to set a deposit limit is also available at the bottom of the screen when you make a deposit.

bet365 change deposit limits
Edit your deposit limits at any time

You can edit your deposit limits at any time. Decreases to your deposit limits will be applied immediately, while any increases will take 24 hours.

Read our article on Bet365 Safer Gambling Tools to find out more about what tools are available and how to use them.

Unavailable Payment Methods

  • PayPal - PayPal is one of the most popular e-wallets in the world, however, Bet365 Bangladesh does not allow it for deposits or withdrawals.
  • Bet365 Mastercard - Bet365 provides a pre-paid Mastercard that can be used to gain instant access to your winnings in other countries, such as the UK and US. This isn't offered to customers in Bangladesh.

Bet365 Deposit FAQs

You can change your deposit method from the deposit page. Either select a previously used payment method, or add a new one.

Neteller and Skrill accounts must be video verified before you can use them with Bet365. To video verify your account, you must complete a video call using a live webcam to confirm your identity. You can find more information on this in the settings section of your Skrill or Neteller account.

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