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Your Guide to the Bet365 Edit Bet Feature

Add, swap or remove selections from your bet, increase your stake or change your bet type before your bet settles.

One of the great features Bet365 offers is the ability to edit your bet before it settles. You can do this in-play and pre-match to increase your stake and add or swap selections. This is a great choice if extra funds become available from settled bets.

The edit bet function uses the Cash Out feature to cash out your current bet and places a new bet using the Cash Out amount as the new stake.

The Edit Bet feature is available on single or multiple bets where the result is not yet determined, and Cash Out is available. This means that if you’ve placed an accumulator and some selections have already been settled, you can still edit the remaining selections.

Edit Bet – Key Points to Consider

It’s worth considering a few things before you edit your bet.

When using the feature, all prices on your bet will be changed to reflect the currently available odds, not the prices taken when the bet was initially placed, so check your selections and current odds carefully to ensure it’s worth editing.

You can change your bet type as well as your bet amount. Selections can be added to a single bet, or a treble bet could be changed to 3 doubles. You can also change your Win Only bet to an Each-Way bet.

There is a slight time delay whilst validating an Edit Bet. If one of your selections is suspended or a change of odds happens during this delay, you may find that your Edit Bet request is declined, so don’t rely on the feature always being available.

If you've taken advantage of one of Bet365’s bonus code offers when placing your initial bet, be sure to check the specific Terms and Conditions to confirm that edited bets contribute toward the bonus' qualifying/rollover criteria.


  • Log into your account at
  • Select My Bets from the top menu bar and visit the Cash Out tab
Bet365 Edit Bet
Find the Edit Bet function under Cash Out

You will see the Edit Bet option in the top right of your bet slip. Selecting this will allow you to edit your options.

Available Options

  • Add Selection – Choose the Add Selection option. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to browse the site and add selections to a temporary bet slip. You can then review your new prices and select Add to Bet.
  • Swap Selection – Click on a selection on your bet slip. A pop-up will open, allowing you to choose another option on the same market.
  • Remove Selection – Click the X to the left of the selection you wish to remove. The option to Undo is available if you change your mind.
  • Change Your Bet Type – Your bet type is shown at the top of the bet slip. Clicking on it will open a Change Bet Type pop-up where you can view all the available bet types and the new stake amount. You can also select or deselect the Each Way check box.
  • Increase Your Stake – At the bottom left of your bet slip, you will see your stake's current Cash Out value. Tapping this will open a pop-up where you can add additional funds to your bet, altering the Cash Out value. Once you have added your amount, you will see an amended return figure showing the current cash out and your requested increase.

After editing your bet, you must ensure you save your changes. Tap the Save Changes button. It will then ask you to Confirm your changes. You have 5 seconds to confirm the changes to save your edited bet. Once saved, your bet will display as edited.

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Edit Bet FAQs

When a bet is edited using the Edit Bet function all prices will be updated to the current odds on that market, rather than the initial price taken.

There may be a number of reasons why your Edit Bet may be unsuccessful. If a price changes or a market is suspended before your changes are approved then your edit bet request may be unsuccessful. If your edited bet exceeds any bet limits on your account, this could also cause your request to be declined. If you are unsure why your request has been declined contact Bet365 customer services.

Edit Bet can only be used on an In-Play event if Bet365 allow In-Play betting on the event. Otherwise the function will be unavailable once the event is underway.

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