Round Robin Bets Explained

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What is a Round Robin Bet?

The round robin is a 3 selection wager consisting of 10 bets: 3 doubles, 1 treble and 3 up-and-down single stakes about pairs.

Round Robin Betting Slip

This is an any to come if-cash bet that can be thought of as a trixie with 3 up-and-down single stakes about pairs added, also very similar to a patent. Each choice appears in 2 up-and-down SSA bets, 2 doubles and a treble. Should any single selection lose, the returns can change drastically. Try out different outcomes with the round robin calculator, as it can help with understanding how winnings change given different permutations.

One or more winning selections will guarantee a return from the round robin, which is one of the main advantages over a trixie bet, the disadvantage being increased stake requirements.

Round Robin Composition

The round robin is composed of the following parts:

Part Selections (1-3) Number of Bets
Double12, 13, 233
Up and Down SSA Pairs12, 13, 236

Last Update: 6th August 2019

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