Up-And-Down Betting Explained

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What is an Up-and-Down Bet?

Two Towers of Money

The Up-and-Down is a two part bet that is conditional on there being sufficient winnings from the first part to fund the second.

The Up-and-Down is described as an any-to-come if-cash bet, meaning that each part only proceeds if-cash is left from the previous part. Consisting of 2 bets, each with two parts as outlined below.

  • Bet 1:
    • Part 1: Bet on selection 1.
    • Part 2: Bet on selection 2 if sufficient cash left from part 1.
  • Bet 2:
    • Part 1: Bet on selection 2.
    • Part 2: Bet on selection 1 if sufficient cash left from part 1.


There are two primary styles of Up-And-Down, differing on the amount staked on "Part 2" of each bet.

Single Stakes About (SSA)

Single stakes about refers to the size of the stake on the second part of the wager being the same as the original stake if there is enough cash available. If there is insufficient cash the remaining, whatever is left will be used as the stake for Part 2.

Double Stakes About (DSA)

When sufficient winnings are available from "Part 1", the stake on "Part 2" will be double the original stake. The full double stake will not be available if the odds of "Part 1" are evens or less. In this case whatever is left will be used for "Part 2".

Last Update: 6th August 2019

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