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Betway Deposit Guide - Payment Methods for 2022

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Deposit a minimum of £5 into your Betway account across all deposit methods. Your funds are transferred almost immediately, and there are no transfer fees.

Our research shows that most online gaming sites have a page dedicated to their deposit and withdrawal methods. However, we cannot find such a page on the Betway site, and their terms and conditions do not list the individual payment methods.

To provide the most accurate information, we also downloaded the app onto an Android device to see if this opened up other payment methods, such as Google Pay. However, we found that the payment methods on the app didn't differ from those on the desktop site.

When depositing, Betway will ask you to agree to their funds protection policy which, like other gaming sites, means that your money is held in a protected account, should Betway ever become insolvent.

When we created our account with Betway to write this article, it took a couple of minutes to be able to access our account fully due to the verification process. Check out our guide on verifying your online gaming account to ensure the process is seamless.

As discussed above, Betway doesn’t have a specific payment methods page but having gone through the FAQ sections and video guides, we have determined that they offer the same deposit and withdrawal methods.

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Method Processing Time Min Max Fee
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Instant £5.00 - Free
Instant £5.00 - Free
Instant £5.00 - Free
Rapid Transfer
Rapid Transfer
Instant £5.00 - Free
Instant £5.00 - Free
Vyne Instant £5.00 - Free

Debit Card Deposits

Deposit a minimum of £5 instantly. Visa and MasterCard are accepted, and there are no transfer fees.

We’ve found that some online gaming sites force you to add Debit Card details when creating your account, but this isn’t the case with Betway. Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted, and there are no banking fees. Funds may take up to a few hours to transfer, though requests can be actioned immediately.


Only made available once funds you’ve deposited funds into your Betway account. Deposit a minimum of £5 into your Betway account via this e-transfer service.

Before we added funds to our Betway account, Neteller wasn’t listed as a deposit method. However, once we added funds, Neteller then appeared as a withdrawal method. Intrigued, we checked our deposit options, and Neteller was now listed.

This shows that Neteller will only be presented as an option once you’ve first added funds via another method.

Neteller is an eWallet popular with gaming sites because they don’t charge transfer fees.


Deposit a minimum of £5 into your Betway account instantly. Betway specifies no transfer fees or limits.

Although Betway has not specified a maximum deposit amount, your PayPal account could have a daily limit. PayPal only asks for minimal information when creating your account, and as such, it can impose limits. You’d have to go through their account verification process to lift your PayPal limit.  

PayPal payments require a two-step verification process, requiring you to log in to PayPal to confirm the transaction. However, like other online gaming sites, you can save PayPal as a pre-approved payment method and bypass the second verification stage. This speeds up the process but also removes the second layer of security.

Rapid Transfer

Instantly transfer a minimum of £5 from your Skrill or bank account.

Rapid Transfer is powered by Skrill and is a way to use your Skrill eWallet where Skrill isn’t listed as a payment method. When you select Rapid Transfer as your deposit method on Betway, it will take you to a new window where you choose your bank. All the high street banks and online-only account, Monzo, are listed.

If you’re using one of the newer or lesser-known online banking services, you may not be able to use the Rapid Transfer service. If Rapid Transfer includes your bank, you will use your online banking login details to access your account.


Additional banks supported; deposit a minimum of £5 into your Betway account instantly without inputting card details. Sofort isn’t listed as a withdrawal method.

Like Rapid Transfer, Sofort transfers money from bank to bank, saving you the need to add any card or payment methods to Betway. Also, using your bank login details to access your account makes bank transfers instantaneous.

Sofort allows you to log into more banks than Rapid Transfer, including Wise, Starling and B, alongside the famous names in banking.

According to Sofort’s terms and conditions, you can deposit 5000 Euros per transfer and a maximum of 25,000 Euros per day. 


Open banking app that allows speedy transfers. Deposit a minimum of £5 into your Betway account. Vyne isn’t listed as a withdrawal method.

Like Sofort and Rapid Transfer, Vyne is a third party to whom you give your online banking login details, making payments faster. You do not need to input long card details to verify payments. 


Instant Bank Transfers of a minimum of £5. No need to add card details or alternative payment methods to your Betway account.

Betway makes it very easy for you to make speedy Bank Transfers with four different open banking providers. Whereas Rapid Transfer can also link to your Skrill wallet, Vyne, Sofort, and Trustly give direct access to your bank account.

Although all these methods are speedy and every provider operates strict security measures, it’s up to you to decide how comfortable you are giving a third party your online banking login details.

How to Deposit Funds

There are two ways to deposit funds into your Betway account, and the first is by clicking on the Bank icon.

Betway Deposit Menu
Accessing the Banking options on Betway

The Bank icon takes you directly to the Deposit and Withdraw section, where you can pick which payment method you want to use to deposit funds into your Betway account.

Betway Deposit options
Choosing a deposit option on Betway

The second way requires a few more clicks and gives you a complete account overview. Click on your balance next to the Bank icon, and Betway will provide a full breakdown of what’s in your account. This also gives you access to all account features, including depositing funds into your account.

Betway Deposit Method
An alternative way of accessing the Betway deposit options

Use this article to decide which deposit method is best for you, and then follow the steps on the screen to deposit funds into your Betway account.

Always Bet Responsibly

Setting Limits

Betway will ask you to set a daily, weekly and monthly deposit limit when creating your account. As we've found, Betway will not allow you to go over it, even if it turns out that you haven't deposited any money into your account.

While clicking through the open banking payment options to see which banks they included to create this guide, we discovered we had reached the deposit limit of £25 that we set during account creation. The snag was that we didn't deposit any money while exploring these options, and our balance was sitting at zero.

If this happens to you, contact Betway via the support links.

Not every online gaming site forces you to set a limit as Betway does. Some prompt you to do it while also allowing you to select 'No Limit'. This was not the case with Betway.

Betway Safer Gambling
Locating the Safer Gambling options at Betway

To change your Deposit Limit, access your account and select the Safer Gambling feature. Click on Deposit Limit at the top of the list, and make your required changes.

With Betway, there’s no option to remove or reduce the limit below £25. You can instantly lower your limit from £50 to £25. However, if you wanted to increase it from £25 to £50, it would take 24 hours to change.

This delay is for Betway to review and approve the increase and give you time to change your mind about allowing yourself to bet more.

As well as Deposit Limits, you’ll find the other safety measures available with Betway, as with other online gaming sites. The first is Session Reminder, often referred to as the Reality Check, where Betway creates a pop-up screen that you need to click to continue playing. You can set this to happen from 15 minutes to one hour, and it’s designed to make you review your activity since it’s easy to lose track of time when playing online.

Betway includes a Self Assessment feature, a five-minute quiz designed to determine whether your online gaming is becoming a problem.

The following features are all in place should you need help stepping away from Betway. The Take a Break feature, often referred to as Time Out, lets you set a period in which you don’t want to be able to place any bets or play any games. You can set your break period from 24 hours to six weeks.

Taking this to the next level is the Self Exclusion feature, which allows you to block access to your account for a minimum of six months, and a maximum of five years.

Finally, you can close your account altogether. However, since you could re-open a closed account, if you need help stepping away, it’s advisable to use the Self Exclusion feature instead.

Unaccepted Payment Methods

Betway seems to prefer Bank Transfers as a deposit method, giving four ways to speed the process up. However, other options, which are proving popular with other online sites, are notably absent from Betway.

  • Alternative eWallets - PayPal is the only eWallet immediately available with Betway. However, Neteller will be an option after funds have been added. Although Skrill isn’t listed, it could be accessed as a source of funds via Rapid Transfer. However, MuchBetter, an eWallet proving popular, isn’t available with Betway.
  • Paysafecard - Available with most online gaming sites, the Paysafecard account is funded by vouchers which you purchase to top up the funds available on your Paysafecard.
  • Apple Pay - Although Betway apps are available for Apple, this doesn’t open up Apple Pay as a payment option. If you want an option that doesn’t need you to add card details to your Betway account or provide any third party with your online banking details, you should use PayPal as your deposit method.
  • Google Play - You can also download the Betway app onto Android, but as we found, that doesn’t mean Google Play will become an option. For speedy payments on the go that don’t require card details, opt for PayPal.
  • Dedicated Card - An effortless way to access the withdrawable funds in your online gaming account. When the organisation has a dedicated card (usually powered by Visa or MasterCard), you can withdraw funds at an ATM. However, at this time, no such service is available with Betway.
  • Cash - Betway is only accessible online, so it’s impossible to deposit money in person.
  • Credit Card - As per UK regulations that came into force in April 2020, it’s not possible to deposit funds into your Betway account via a Credit Card.

Betway Deposits FAQs

Suppose Betway notices a change in your betting and gaming activity. In that case, they will temporarily limit your account to validate or clear their concerns and make you aware of the safety features available.

There are several reasons why payments are declined, varying from details being inputted incorrectly to the account not being held in your name. It could also be down to the country of residence or deposit limits. Double-check the details provided to rectify errors, and contact Betway support if you still have issues.

Since Betway offers speedy deposit methods, there ought not to be much delay in funds reaching your online balance. Double-check the payment status and contact Betway if more support is needed.

Yes, as long as it’s not a Credit Card. Select Debit Card as a deposit method in the Bank section and then select the Add New Card option.

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