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What is an Each Way Bet?

The each way bet is a single selection wager consisting of 2 equal parts: a win bet and a place bet.

A sign showing each way betting arrows

The total stake is split across the two bets and the return is determined by the outcome of a single event. The "to win" bet is settled as a straightforward single bet with 50% of the original stake e.g. £1 of a £2 bet. The remaining 50% is staked on the "to place" portion of the bet. This portion is successful when the selection finishes in the top X number of places where X varies depending on the sport, the number of competitors/runners and any bookmaker specific promotions that may be available.

The return on a successful "place" bet is also reduced relative to how much easier it is to place than it is to win outright. The reduction is expressed as a fraction by bookmakers for each event where place betting is available.

Winnings can be worked out manually but our each way calculator is the quickest option.

Choosing a winner will always generate a profit, however, a selection that places but doesn't win could generate an overall loss depending on the odds and place terms.

How many places are each way?

Bet365 Each Way Terms - 1/4 1-2

The number of places available for an event is set by each individual bookmaker. Bookmakers often run promotions where they increase the number of places or improve the reduction fraction e.g. from 1/5 to 1/4.

The adjacent screenshot shows how places and reduction fractions are displayed when betting online. In this example the reduction fraction is 1/4 and the number of places is 2 (1-2). Both values have been set by Bet365.

The "E/W" notation highlighted in the screenshot is a commonly use abbreviation for "Each Way" across online bookmakers.

Each Way Examples

The horse racing result below is used in the proceeding examples:

Runner Finishing Position
Runner One1st
Runner Two2nd
Runner Three3rd
Runner Four4th

The example race has 2 places and a reduction fraction of 1/3.


Assuming a total stake of £2 on "Runner One" at odds of 2/1, the winnings would break down as follows:

  • "To win" bet of £1 = £1 * (2/1 + 1) = £3 returned
  • "To place" bet of £1 = £1 * ((2/1 * 1/3) + 1) = £1.67 returned
  • Profit = Total Returns - Stake = £4.67 - £2 = £2.67


Assuming a total stake of £2 on "Runner Two" to win at odds of 2/1, the winnings would break down as follows:

  • "Runner Two" failed to win, resulting in a £1 loss
  • However, the "to place" bet of £1 won = £1 * ((2/1 * 1/3) + 1) = £1.67 returned
  • Profit/loss = Total Returns - Stake = £1.67 - £2 = £0.33 loss


Assuming a total stake of £2 on "Runner Three" the returns would break down as follows:

  • The bet of "Runner Three" to win has lost, and the place bet has also lost because the runner didn't finish in the top 2.
  • Profit/Loss = Returns - Stake = £2 loss

Last Update: 20th February 2020

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