Trixie Bets Explained

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What is a Trixie Bet?

The trixie is a 3 selection wager consisting of 4 bets: 3 doubles and a treble.

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This can be considered a treble to which three doubles have been added, the advantage being that should one selection fail to win a return is still generated. Hedging your bets can be a sound strategy in scenarios where a lower reliable return is valued more greatly than the possibility of a single large win.

Use a trixie calculator to work out returns quickly. Try entering different odds and outcomes to test how the bet behaves before you place it.

The trixie is a full cover bet where each selection appears in 2 doubles and the treble.

Any two winning choices is enough to generate a return from the trixie.

Trixie Composition

The trixie is composed of the following parts:

Part Selections (1-3) Number of Bets
Double12, 23, 133

Last Update: 6th August 2019

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