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Bwin Deposit Methods - Payment Methods for 2023

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Some deposit options have no minimum requirements and instantly add credit to your Bwin account. Deposit a maximum of £70,000 via bank transfer. No fees are charged.

Whether you already have an account with Bwin or are yet to open one, visit AceOdds and take advantage of the available sign up offers.

You’ll find that some offers provide Bet Credits as opposed to cash winnings. If you’re new to online betting, you should know that Bet Credits must be played and cannot be withdrawn. Check out our article for more information on withdrawing funds from your Bwin account.

You may not be asked at the point of account creation, but if you want to be able to withdraw money from your Bwin cash balance, you will need to verify your account. We’ve created this guide to help you do this quickly and easily.

Here at AceOdds, we’ve reviewed the Bwin terms and conditions to create a list of possible deposit and withdrawal methods. When creating your account, you may notice that not all those options are listed. When we opened our account, we found that only four deposit options were available.

After contacting Bwin customer support, clearing our cache and trying a different browser (as advised), no additional payment options appeared. Bwin customer support advised us that UK customers can deposit using the methods listed on AceOdds, and you should contact them if they are not showing in your account.

It’s also worth being aware that not all deposit options will be available as withdrawal options. It would be best if you also made yourself familiar with the closed-loop policy, which is a set regulation requiring you to withdraw winnings via the method used to deposit funds - to at least the amount deposited.

For example, suppose you deposited £90 via PayPal and won £150, you would be required to withdraw £90 of the balance to your PayPal account. Once withdrawn, other withdrawal methods would become available.

Before you begin playing, it’s always best to be familiar with Bwin’s terms and conditions since they vary from country to country.

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Method Processing Time Min Max Fee
Google Pay Google Pay
Google Pay
Instant - - Free
Apple Pay Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Instant - - Free
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Instant - - Free
Easy Banking Easy Banking
Easy Banking
Instant £10.00 £10,000 Free
Luxon Pay Luxon Pay
Luxon Pay
Instant - - Free
MuchBetter MuchBetter
Instant - - Free
Fast Bank Transfer Fast Bank Transfer
Fast Bank Transfer
Instant £10.00 £70,000 Free
Instant - - Free
PayPal PayPal
Instant - - Free
paysafecard paysafecard
Instant - - Free
Skrill Skrill
Instant - - Free
Skrill 1-Tap Skrill 1-Tap
Skrill 1-Tap
Instant - - Free
Trustly Trustly
Instant - - Free
Accepted Currencies:

Google Pay

Only available when using the Bwin app on your Android or Tablet. Funds reach your Bwin balance instantly with no minimum or maximum deposit listed.

If you're an Android user and prefer to limit the number of places where you store your Debit Card details, Google Pay is a great option. Available for making deposits with Bwin Sports, Poker, Casino and Bingo apps, it's quick and easy when you're on the go.

You can store more than one Debit Card with Google Pay and select from which to deposit. Remember that you'll need to return any winnings to that card too.

Apple Pay

Available from your Mac and compatible Apple devices. Money is transferred instantly. Bwin set a minimum deposit limit of £5 and a maximum of £2,000.

Apple Pay does for Apple products what Google Pay does for Android. However, unlike Google Pay, you can deposit via Apple Pay using your Mac. If you use an iOS product, you're limited to using the mobile web in safari, not chrome or any other browser. If you don't see Apple Pay listed, it's possible that your model doesn't support it with Bwin.

Although the maximum deposit limit set by Bwin is £2000, it's also worth noting that Apple Pay limits transactions to £10,000 over one week.

Debit Card

Deposit a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £2,000 into your Bwin account instantly.

Bwin accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron with a minimum deposit limit of £5. For many, Debit card transactions are preferred because they're safely stored with Bwin for future use.

Although Debit Card transactions can be instant, your bank ultimately approves the transaction, which may sometimes cause a slight delay.

You can also change your Debit Card as and when needed. Make sure you keep the closed-loop policy in mind if there are funds to withdraw.

Easy Banking

Deposit a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £10,000 with Easy Banking. Available with most high street banks, transferring funds instantly.

Easy Banking is one of the deposit methods available to UK customers that may not first present itself. We suggest contacting Bwin for support if you wish to use this method.

Like Trustly, Easy Banking is a platform that speeds up the bank transfer process, making the transfer instant. However, it appears to be limited to the more traditional banks, which may rule out customers using newer online banking accounts such as Monzo and Starling.

Luxon Pay

No minimum or maximum deposit limit is set. Funds are instantly transferred to your Bwin account.

Have you heard of Luxon? It's yet another e-wallet available in a very competitive market. Bwin may prefer Luxon for not charging any fees, but it's also a payment option that may not be listed when you first create your Bwin account.

Setting up a Luxon account is easy and can be done via their website. It's great if you need to make payments elsewhere because it allows you to hold funds in different currencies. If you do not see this option available, contact Bwin for support.


Instantly deposit a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £1,553.75 into your Bwin account. Deposit in GBP, Euro or USD.

MuchBetter is another e-wallet that's growing in popularity. It differs from others on the market because it's linked to your mobile number instead of your email. As such, ensure the mobile number registered with Bwin is the same as that registered with MuchBetter.

Bwin will populate the MuchBetter payment field when you start the deposit with the mobile number stored. The number cannot be changed, so ensure they match.

Fast Bank Transfer

Funds clear in 1 - 4 business days with the minimum deposit limit set at £10 and the maximum at £70,000.

Although this is called 'Fast Transfer', Bwin stipulates that the transfer processing time is dictated by your bank and can take anywhere from 1 to 4 banking days. What can make this transaction happen more quickly is the fact that it's for local or domestic transfers only - not internationally.

However, it may be another option that isn't made available to new customers. Therefore, to use it, you'll have to contact Bwin directly.


Deposit a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £50,000 with Neteller. Funds can clear instantly, and no fees are charged.

Neteller is another platform operating as an e-wallet. However, unlike others on the market, with Neteller, you can also apply for a cash card.

Bwin does not specify that Neteller cannot be used in the UK and lists GBP as an accepted currency. However, when we created our Bwin account, it wasn't listed as an option we could select. When we contacted Bwin via Live Chat, they advised that there was no reason for this option not showing in our account.


Instantly deposit a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £2,000 from your PayPal account. No fees are applied, and there's no need to store card details with Bwin.

Probably the most common e-wallet and one that will be available to new customers. The benefit of using e-wallets is that you can choose to fund them via more than one bank or Debit Card, giving more flexibility when withdrawing.

Another perk with the e-wallets is that you never have to add card details to Bwin. Also, it doesn't matter if the email registered with your Bwin account differs from that registered with your PayPal account. As a bonus, if you click to say you approve the PayPal Billing Agreement, once you've completed the first transaction, you won't ever be asked for secondary approval again.


Deposit a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £1000 with your Paysafecard. Funds are transferred instantly, and no fees are applied.

The Paysafecard is a prepaid card that you top up by purchasing cash vouchers. You can then use it to shop online. It's widely accepted with online gaming sites and is the closest thing you'll get to using a credit card - which is no longer permitted on any gambling sites.

It's easy to apply for a Paysafecard which you can then top up as and when needed by using vouchers. It's also possible to withdraw back to your Paysafecard, and funds can be used elsewhere.


Deposit a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £10,000 into your Bwin account instantly. Note, not for MasterCard deposits.

In their terms and conditions, Bwin flags something essential. That you cannot fund your Bwin account via Skrill if you used a MasterCard to fund your Skrill account.

Skrill is another e-wallet favoured for offering an extensive range of currencies and low-fee transactions. Don't worry, though. As with the other e-wallets, no fees are passed on to UK customers.

Skrill 1-Tap

Deposit a minimum of £10 and a maximum of £10,000 into your Bwin account instantly, without secondary authentication. Note, not for MasterCard deposits.

Skrill 1-Tap works on the same terms as Skrill. However, like PayPal, where you can tick the billing agreement and avoid the second stage of authentications. Skrill 1-Tap does the same.


Deposit a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £776.87 using Trustly. Funds reach your Bwin account instantly.

Trustly is an account-to-account platform that speeds up the bank transfer process, making something that can take up to three days instant.

You'll also find some of the newer banks like Monzo included in the Trustly transfer option, not just the mainstream, high street banks.

Promo Code

No minimum or maximum limit. Enter your promo code and instantly top-up funds.

If you received a promo code voucher as a prize for a competition or giveaway, you could use it to add funds to your Bwin account.

There's no maximum or minimum amount, just input the 12-digit voucher code, and you're good to go. Remember that you won't be able to withdraw using this method, and any funds added via the PromoCode feature will be Bet Credits.

How to Deposit Funds

While creating this article, we spent some time using the Live Chat feature with Bwin to establish why many of the above methods were not available to us as deposit options.

Having been told there were no restrictions on our account, we opened Bwin in Safari and Chrome and still got the same results. We would still recommend contacting Bwin for support if your preferred payment method should be available but isn’t presented as an option.

Bwin Deposit menu
Accessing the deposit options on Bwin

As pictured, the Deposit icon is situated at the top of the page and will remain there no matter what screen you’re on. You’ll also get a view of your available balance, which will be made up of cash and credit.

Bwin Deposit Options
Selecting a deposit option at Bwin

As mentioned above, more deposit options should be available to UK customers than those shown in the image above. Having contacted Bwin, support is available if deposit methods are missing.

However, if one of the popular payment methods shown is your chosen deposit method, click on it and follow the steps.

Always Bet Responsibly

Setting Limits

When you open your Bwin account, one of the first screens you’ll see is the option to set deposit limits. You can choose to set a limit or have no limit at all at this point, but it’s easy to get back to the option if you feel that you need it.

Bwin Deposit Limits
Setting your deposit limits at Bwin

The Deposit Limits link is available from the Deposit screen, meaning you can think about it when making a new deposit. Deposit Limits are a safer gambling tool, allowing you to set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits. It aims to keep you gambling within your means.

There are no restrictions on lowering your deposit limit and limiting what you spend. However, if you request to increase or remove the limit you set, there’s a 24-hour wait for this to happen. This is done so you can think about whether it’s a good decision and gives you a chance to change your mind.

Bwin Safer Gambling
Finding the Bwin Safer Gambling features

The Safer Gambling link is available on every screen, taking you to the other options available to ensure your gambling remains safe. As well as being able to set a Deposit Limit, you can also set a Stake Limit and a curfew from this screen.

The Curfew is an interesting feature because it stops you from placing bets at certain times, for example, at weekends or after a specific time in the evening.

Reality Checks are also safety features you’ll find here, which are great if you’re playing a game instead of placing bets on a sport. It’s easy to lose track of time and spending, but when you set a Reality Check, Bwin will prompt you to consider stopping play after a set amount of time. Similarly, the Play Break feature allows you to decide how long you remain in continuous play, which constitutes placing one bet every five minutes. You can set your continuous play limit from one to three hours, and Bwin will warn you when your limit is approaching.

Other standard safety features are Time Out, where you can prevent yourself from placing bets from 24 hours to six weeks; Self Exclusion, from six months to five years; and finally, account closure.

If you need to take a step away from gambling and need help, the better option is to use the Self Exclusion feature instead of closing your account. Closed accounts may be reopened, but you cannot change the Self Exclusion period.

Unaccepted Payment Methods

Other than the fact that not all available options may show in your account, Bwin offers a great variety of options.

  • E-wallets - The only e-wallet not accepted by Bwin is Rapid Transfer. However, given the speed and efficiency of the other e-wallets, this isn’t much of a hindrance.
  • Dedicated Card - Bwin isn’t alone in not offering a dedicated cash card. Bet365 and PaddyPower provide them, and it’s a way of accessing your available balance from an ATM without having to withdraw it to any other account.
  • Credit Cards - No online gambling platform in the UK can accept credit card deposits due to regulations. Paysafecard is the closest you can get to a prepaid way of funding your account.
  • Cash - As an online-only site, in-person cash deposits aren’t available.

Bwin Deposit FAQs

Bwin process all transactions adhering to PCI compliance standards for data security, as used by banks and financial institutions globally.

Bwin accepts PromoCode vouchers as a deposit method. However, the terms and conditions of each giveaway may vary, so ensure that you check them before attempting to deposit. Any queries should be directed to PromoCode or the issuer of the voucher.

Technical errors may occur if there are insufficient funds on your depositing method. If you make a card payment where you know there are appropriate funds, Bwin suggests you log out to refresh and try again. If this error continues, contact customer support.

If Bwin has blocked you from making a deposit, you may have reached your set Deposit Limit. Check your account history and contact Bwin if you’re within the limit.

No. The GamersCard is only available to US customers and deposits made in USD.

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