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UEFA Europa League

The Europa League began in 1971 as the UEFA Cup and was the third tier of competition below the Champions League (Then the European Cup) and the Cup Winners Cup. In 1999 the UEFA Cup and Cup Winners Cup were merged, and since the 2010/11 season, the competition has been called the UEFA Europa League.

The Europa League is the second tier of competition, below the Champions League and above the Europa Conference League.

Europa League Structure

From the 2024/25 season, the Europa League consists of 3 qualifying rounds, a play-off round and a League stage.

36 Teams compete from the League stage, each playing 8 matches against 8 different opponents. The top 8 teams automatically progress to the round of 16, while teams ranked 25th and under are eliminated from the competition. The final 8 places in the round of 16 are decided by a play off round, where the teams ranked 9th-16th play against the teams ranked 17th-24th.

Teams qualify for the Europa League through domestic routes and, depending on their qualifying path, enter at different stages of the competition.

Since 2015, the winners of the Europa League have qualified for the Champions League the following season.

Europa League Performance

The 2023/24 season winners were Atalanta from Italy, with their first win.

The top 3 performing countries as of the 2023/24 season are Spain, with 14 wins and 19 final appearances, followed by Italy, with 10 wins and 18 finals, then England, with 9 wins and 17 finals. The top performing team is Spanish club Sevilla, having made the finals 7 times and won every time.

The finals have featured teams from the same country on 10 occasions up to the 2023/24 season. Italy 4 times, Spain twice, England twice and Germany and Portugal once each.

Betting on the Europa League

As with most major tournaments, it is popular to bet on the tournament's outright winner as well as the winners of individual games. It is also popular to place bets on the top goalscorer.

Bets on which teams will make the final and the nationality of the final winner are also possible.

How to Watch

In the UK all Europa League matches can be watched on TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) in a deal that is set to run until 2027.

Key Dates for 2024/25

  • Matchday 1 - 25th September 2024
  • 21st May 2025 - Final

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