Bet365 New Zealand withdrawals - Debit Card - Credit Card - Bank Transfer

Bet365 Withdrawal Time NZ - Payment Options for 2022

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Withdrawals by card can take up to 5 working days and Bank Transfer up to 10 working days.

Bet365 New Zealand offers a small selection of options to withdraw your winnings, and not all Bet365 deposit methods are available for withdrawal. This is something to consider when choosing your deposit method after entering the Bet365 bonus code for NZ, as Bank Transfer is the default withdrawal method and can impact the time scale of your withdrawal by up to 5 working days.

You should generally allow up to 5 working days for your withdrawal.

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Method Processing Time Min Max Fee
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
1 - 5 Banking Day(s) $10.00 $50,000 Free
Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer
2 - 10 Banking Day(s) $60.00 $55,000 Free
Credit Card
Credit Card
1 - 5 Banking Day(s) $10.00 $50,000 Free

Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro

Withdraw up to $50,000, available in your account in 3-5 working days.

If you deposited with a debit card, it will be stored on your account, so you can quickly withdraw up to $50,000 straight back to the same card.

Although the time scales given are 1-5 working days, Bet365 suggests that only UK issued cards are likely to receive funds in under 3 working days. New Zealand issued debit cards should allow 3-5 working days. 

Bank Transfer

The Bet365 Bank Transfer withdrawal time is between 2 - 10 working days for New Zealand banks. Withdraw up to $55,000 in one transaction.

Bank Transfer will be used to return your funds if you deposited by wire transfer, or your original deposit method is not available. A bank account with the same name as your Bet365 account must be used for withdrawals.

For withdrawals to New Zealand in NZD, you should allow 2-10 working days, Bet365 UK and Europe are faster, taking only 1-5 working days. You should also check your currency as conversions when withdrawing may mean you make gains or losses on the transaction. Withdrawals made in ARS will be processed in USD, and withdrawals made in RMB, MYR, THB and TWD will be processed in GBP.

Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard

Withdraw from $10 to a maximum of $50,000 back to a Credit Card in 1-5 banking days.

Credit Card deposits and withdrawals are managed from the perspective of Bet365 in the same way. There are no charges from Bet365 and the withdrawal times and limits are the same.

Withdrawals will appear on your card statement as bet365.

How to Withdraw Winnings from Bet365

Once you are logged in, you can easily access your account balance and menu from any page on Bet365. The top menu bar will show the account icon and your balance in your chosen currency.

Bet365 account menu
Finding the Bet365 account menu - Taken: 27-04-2022

Click into the Bank section of your Bet365 account and select Withdraw. You can then see all of your current available payment methods that are available for withdrawal. If the method you used to deposit, such as Apple Pay or Paysafecard, is not available for withdrawal, you will be prompted to enter your bank details for a withdrawal by wire transfer.

Bet365 Wire Transfer withdrawal
How to use Wire Transfer to access your Bet365 funds - Taken: 20-04-2022

Verify the details of your withdrawal method are correct, and if you have several cards registered, make sure you have selected the correct one.

Once you have populated all the required fields, you just need to confirm your withdrawal by entering your Bet365 password and then click withdraw.

Bet365 Withdrawal FAQs

Bet365 allow you to store up to 5 active credit or debit cards on your account at any one time. If you have reached this limit and need to use a different card, you will need to remove one before adding a new card.

Bet365 must withdraw funds proportionally to any payment methods used to deposit. For example, if you deposit $100, half on a card and half by bank transfer, then you withdraw $1000, you will need to withdraw half to a card and half by bank transfer. Bet365 reviews withdrawal requests and will contact you with confirmation of where your funds will be sent within 24 hours of your request.

You can withdraw a maximum of $55,000 in one transaction using a bank transfer. In New Zealand, this could take up to 10 working days to process.

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