Czech Liga Pro Streaming Schedule

The following czech liga pro table tennis matchups are available to stream live from Bet365. Just follow the link and register an account and if your balance is zero, make a deposit of any amount to active the video player. Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. T&Cs apply, 18+. The full list of sports can be found on the following page: Bet365 sports streaming.

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Sat, 30 September 2023 - Today's Matchups

Start Time Event
15:30 Karel Zeman v Milan Musil
15:30 Nikolas Kriz v Martin Zizka
15:30 Jaroslav Prokupek v Richard Krejci
15:30 Lukas Jindrak v Zdenek Bilek
16:00 Jaroslav Neuwirth Jnr v Karel Zeman
16:00 Martin Cvecek v Nikolas Kriz
16:00 Kamil Novak v Jaroslav Prokupek
16:00 Jan Kanera v Lukas Jindrak
16:30 Milan Musil v Radim Uhlar
16:30 Martin Zizka v Petr Svoboda
16:30 Richard Krejci v Daniel Tuma
16:30 Zdenek Bilek v Erik Mares
17:00 Radim Uhlar v Karel Zeman
17:00 Petr Svoboda v Nikolas Kriz
17:00 Daniel Tuma v Jaroslav Prokupek
17:00 Erik Mares v Lukas Jindrak
17:30 Jaroslav Neuwirth Jnr v Milan Musil
17:30 Martin Cvecek v Martin Zizka
17:30 Kamil Novak v Richard Krejci
17:30 Jan Kanera v Zdenek Bilek
19:00 Jakub Levicky v Jiri Telecky
19:00 Josef Fuchs v Pavel Kafka
19:00 Jaroslav Kasan v Tomas Regner
19:00 Rostyslav Kliuchuk v Petr Oliver Korp
19:30 Radim Petr v Zbynek Zientek
19:30 Milan Fikar v Michal Drastich
19:30 Matej Pycha v Bronislav Roubal
19:30 Jiri Louda v Tomas Holik
20:00 Jiri Telecky v Radim Petr
20:00 Pavel Kafka v Milan Fikar
20:00 Tomas Regner v Matej Pycha
20:00 Petr Oliver Korp v Jiri Louda
20:30 Zbynek Zientek v Jakub Levicky
20:30 Michal Drastich v Josef Fuchs
20:30 Bronislav Roubal v Jaroslav Kasan
20:30 Tomas Holik v Rostyslav Kliuchuk
21:00 Jakub Levicky v Radim Petr
21:00 Josef Fuchs v Milan Fikar
21:00 Jaroslav Kasan v Matej Pycha
21:00 Rostyslav Kliuchuk v Jiri Louda
21:30 Jiri Telecky v Zbynek Zientek
21:30 Pavel Kafka v Michal Drastich
21:30 Tomas Regner v Bronislav Roubal
21:30 Petr Oliver Korp v Tomas Holik
23:00 Miroslav Adamec v Rostislav Hasmanda
23:00 Milan Kolar v Milan Fisera
23:30 Pavel Fojt v Marek Placek
23:30 Frantisek Briza v Mihail Trinta

Sun, 1 October 2023

Start Time Event
00:00 Rostislav Hasmanda v Jiri Plachy
00:00 Milan Fisera v Vladimir Milata Jnr
00:30 Miroslav Adamec v Pavel Fojt
00:30 Milan Kolar v Frantisek Briza
01:00 Jiri Plachy v Marek Placek
01:00 Vladimir Milata Jnr v Mihail Trinta
01:30 Rostislav Hasmanda v Pavel Fojt
01:30 Milan Fisera v Frantisek Briza
02:00 Marek Placek v Miroslav Adamec
02:00 Mihail Trinta v Milan Kolar
02:30 Pavel Fojt v Jiri Plachy
02:30 Frantisek Briza v Vladimir Milata Jnr
03:00 Marek Placek v Rostislav Hasmanda
03:00 Mihail Trinta v Milan Fisera
03:30 Jiri Plachy v Miroslav Adamec
03:30 Vladimir Milata Jnr v Milan Kolar
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