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A parlay is a bet that combines multiple selections into a single wager that has a payout only when all parts win. Should a single wager lose, the payout is zero. The calculator supports moneyline odds that are popular in the US and decimal odds for customers in Canada. Enter odds for up to 20 teams to see the potential payout and the implied probability that your bet is successful. Work for all sports, including baseball, NFL, MMA and more. Visit to check out their Soccer parlay builder, remembering to enter the Bet365 bonus code if joining for the first time. For experienced users, we provide a Round Robin Parlay Calculator to help with advanced combination betting.

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Parlay Payout Table

Larger parlays are less likely to win but generate larger payouts when they do. The table below gives typical values of what you can expect when placing a parlay. For simplicity, it is assumed both teams have an equal chance of winnings and that the paid odds are -110 for each selection. The difference between the paid odds and the true odds is how the bookmaker earns a profit.

Parlay Size True Implied Probability True Odds Paid Implied Probability Paid Odds
1 50% +100 52.4% -110
2 25% +300 27.4% +264.5
3 12.5% +700 14.4% +595.8
4 6.2% +1500 7.5% +1228.3
5 3.1% +3100 3.9% +2435.9
6 1.6% +6300 2.1% +4741
7 0.8% +12700 1.1% +9142.4
8 0.4% +25500 0.6% +17544
9 0.2% +51100 0.3% +33585
10 0.1% +102300 0.2% +64208

Parlay FAQ

When there is a push (tie), cancellation or rescheduling, the affected selection is ignored when calculating the parlay payout. So, for example, a six selection parlay with one push (tie) and five wins is paid out as a successful five selection parlay.

The main advantage of a Parlay is that the odds of each selection are multiplied by the next, which can lead to big payouts and significant profit from a comparatively small stake. Conversely, the main drawback of a parlay, especially those with more selections, is that if just one of your selections loses, the whole bet loses.

The round robin parlay is a way to split your standard parlay into multiple smaller parlays. So, for example, instead of making a single 4 team parlay, with teams A, B, C and D you could choose to have a 4-team round robin bet 3-ways, meaning that you have 4, 3-team parlays consisting of one parlay on teams ABC, one parlay on teams ABD, one parlay on team ACD and one parlay on teams BCD.

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