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The round robin bet takes the legs of your wager and breaks them down into multiple single parlay bets. By using a round robin, it's still possible to receive a payout even when one or more of your selections lose. With our round robin payout calculator, you can work out your profit and explore how outcomes and wager sizes influence your winnings. A parlay builder can be accessed at Bet365 Canada and the US version of Bet365, which works with the following sports: NFL, Basketball, Tennis and Soccer. If you're a new customer joining for the first time, you can use the Bet365 sign up code to get a sports bonus to use on your parlay bets.

In the UK, "Round Robin" refers to a different type of bet. Follow this link for the UK version of the Round Robin Calculator.

Round Robin Bet Calculator

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Round Robin FAQ

The main advantage of a round robin bet over a single parlay bet is that when a single selection fails to win, you can still get a payout depending on the outcome of the other selections. However, this benefit comes at an increased upfront cost because instead of placing a single bet, multiple bets are required to cover all permutations.

The round robin bet is essentially the same as a collection of single parlay bets, so when there is a push (tie), cancellation or rescheduling, the affected selection is ignored across all single parlay bets for payout calculation purposes. You can use the round robin calculator to simulate all scenarios and check how it affects the payout by choosing different outcomes from the drop-down boxes.

The cost of the round robin bet varies depending on the number of legs and the size of the requested parlay. First, you calculate all the team permutations and then multiply the count by the size of the bet. For example, a 3x round robin bet on 4 teams, Team A, Team B, Team C and Team D would generate 4 parlays with the following permutations: ABC, ACD, ABD and BCD. You would then choose a bet amount of $2, for example, and multiply this by the 4 permutations, giving a total of $8.

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