Bet365 Tennis Streaming Schedule

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Sun, 14 April 2024 - Today's Matchups

Start Time Event Competition
13:00 Live NowHidalgo/Rodriguez v Machac/Zhang ATP Barcelona MD
13:00 Live NowSara Lanca v Varvara Lepchenko WTA Oeiras
13:30 Live NowLukas Neumayer v Alexis Gautier Challenger Oeiras
13:30 Live NowDan Added v Samuel Vincent Ruggeri Challenger Oeiras
14:00 Live NowTobias Franco v Franco Emanuel Egea Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
14:00 Live NowJulian Cundom v Leonid Sheyngezikht Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
14:00 Live NowIgnacio Carou v Jose Fernandez Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
14:30 Diego Schwartzman v Denis Yevseyev ATP Barcelona
14:30 Amalia Suciu v Gabriela Lee WTA Oeiras
14:30 Julia Avdeeva v Paula Ormaechea WTA Oeiras
15:00 Valentin Royer v Orlando Luz Challenger Oeiras
15:00 Martin Krumich v Javier Barranco Cosano Challenger Oeiras
15:00 Bogdan Bobrov v Roy Horovitz Challenger Tallahassee
15:00 Bruno Kuzuhara v Axel Nefve Challenger Tallahassee
15:00 Rei Sakamoto v Alex Rybakov Challenger Tallahassee
15:00 Michaela Bayerlova v Anna Siskova WTA Oeiras
15:30 Lucca Guercio v Ezequiel Monferrer Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
15:30 Mateo Barreiros Reyes v Romeo Arcuschin Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
15:30 Collin Altamirano v Juan S Osorio Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
16:00 Tamira Paszek v Maria Mateas WTA Oeiras
16:30 Arthur Gea v Tristan McCormick Challenger Tallahassee
16:30 Alexander Frusina v Gerald Melzer Challenger Tallahassee
16:30 Elio Jose Ribeiro Lago v Victor Lilov Challenger Tallahassee
17:00 Zizou Bergs v Thanasi Kokkinakis Challenger Sarasota
17:00 Pedro Sakamoto v Bruno Fernandez Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
17:00 Andres Urrea v Nikos Lehmann Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
17:00 Mateo Del Pino v Preston Brown Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
18:00 Alexander Razeghi v Andres Andrade Challenger Tallahassee
18:00 Thomas Fancutt v Strong Kirchheimer Challenger Tallahassee
18:00 Kyle Edmund v Johannes Ingildsen Challenger Tallahassee
18:30 Felix Corwin v Ivan Denisov Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
18:30 Petr Iamachkine v Ezequiel Simonit Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
18:30 Alejo L L Lavallen v Gonzalo Zeitune Challenger San Miguel de Tucuman
19:30 Corentin Denolly v Justin Lyons Challenger Tallahassee
19:30 Ian Mayew v Gabi Adrian Boitan Challenger Tallahassee
19:30 Viktor Durasovic v Ajeet Rai Challenger Tallahassee
21:00 Nicolas Mejia v Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard Challenger Morelos
23:00 Skander Mansouri v Alafia Ayeni Challenger Acapulco
23:00 Kiranpal Pannu v Andre Ilagan Challenger Acapulco
23:00 Matias Soto v Ryan Seggerman Challenger Acapulco
23:00 Andres Delgadillo v Daniil Glinka Challenger Acapulco

Mon, 15 April 2024

Start Time Event Competition
00:00 Laquisa Khan v Leann Serna UTR Pro Craigieburn Women
00:00 Gurmanat Kaur Sandhu v Rebecca Leahy UTR Pro Craigieburn Women
00:30 Benjamin Lock v Keegan Smith Challenger Acapulco
00:30 Santiago Padilla Cote v Bor Artnak Challenger Acapulco
00:30 Dominik Palan v Ezekiel Clark Challenger Acapulco
00:30 Rubin Statham v Mats Rosenkranz Challenger Acapulco
01:30 Enze Miranda Xu v Natalie Gaft UTR Pro Craigieburn Women
01:30 Audrey Newman v Belle Thompson UTR Pro Craigieburn Women
03:00 Christian Langmo v Alex Hernandez Challenger Acapulco
03:00 Karue Sell v Evan Zhu Challenger Acapulco
03:00 Nathan Ponwith v Elmar Ejupovic Challenger Acapulco
03:00 Elyana Moonen v Bridget Mihulka UTR Pro Craigieburn Women
03:00 Cara Korhonen v Grace Darcy UTR Pro Craigieburn Women
04:30 Susannah Su v Amelia Zylberman UTR Pro Craigieburn Women
04:30 Juliette Debrincat v Alicia Smith UTR Pro Craigieburn Women