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Gender Bias

Data reveals only 19% of Google Images of Wimbledon represent women

The Wimbledon artwork is currently under the spotlight due to many fans pointing out the disproportionate placement of male to female athletes. In turn, this has sparked further debate surrounding the representation of women in tennis, particularly within Wimbledon media promotion.

A new study by AceOdds has revealed the depths of the gender bias within tennis by analysing the number of female and male tennis players appearing on Google images when searching for the term “Wimbledon” online.

With the help of AI, Aceodds were able to analyse all 79,693 images, which appeared to reveal the percentage of male-to-female representation within them.

76% of “Wimbledon” Google Images are dominated by male tennis players


Total Results for “Wimbledon”

Percentage of Total Images










The data has revealed that out of all 79,693 images which appear when searching the term “Wimbledon” in Google images, only 15,446 represent female tennis players (19%), leaving over 60,247 images representing males in tennis.


Labelled as Final

Out of Total










The study also analysed how many images were labelled as either the men's or women's finals. Out of the 79,693 images of "Wimbledon" on Google Images, 43,896 (55%) were labelled as the men's final and 16,351 (21%) were labelled as the women's final.

The remaining 24% of the images were not labelled as either the men's final or the women's final. These images could be of other matches, of the tournament in general, or of something else entirely.

Methodology: Google Bard analysed Google Images for the term “Wimbledon” and split them into images representing males, females and others. From this, Google Bard then analysed the image labels to split the images which specifically represented the finals. For example, some of the images were titled "Serena Williams vs. Angelique Kerber, Wimbledon Women's Final 2016" or "Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer, Wimbledon Men's Final 2019." It also used the final dates to filter the data and only include images that were taken on or around the dates of the finals and reviewed the data by looking at the images and reading the titles and descriptions.

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Last Updated: 30 June 2023
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