How Injuries Change Across Sports

Professional sports and injuries go hand in hand. While professional sports are all about pushing your body to your limit, injuries typically occur when a body has been pushed too hard.

Bruises, strains and cuts are common and can be played through despite a bit of pain - but what about the injuries that mean you have to rest up and take some time off? These are what professional sports hate the most, and are investing millions in sports science medicine trying to prevent. After all, no one wants their star player out on the sidelines for an extended period of time.

Here at AceOdds, we’ve decided to look into injuries across multiple sports to answer that age old question… which athletes are the toughest?

How many injuries per season?

A study from UK Sport showed that 43% of athletes will get at least one injury per season, with the Emergency Medicine Journal (EMJ) attributing 70% of those to soft tissue injuries.

The question is, though, how often does a player typically get injured in their chosen sport? There are plenty of sports out there to choose from, and not all sports are created equally.

Sport Injury % Games before Injury
Jump Horse Racing 6.09 16.4
American Football 4.10 24.4
Football (Soccer) 1.96 51.0
Golf 0.62 161.3
Flat Horse Racing 0.41 244.8

According to our research, jump horse racing is the most dangerous with a 6.09% chance of injury, which means they’re likely to pickup an injury within 16 times of going out on the course.

By this logic, you would assume that sports involving horses were the most dangerous, when actually, horse racing on a flat surface proved to be the least dangerous with an injury percentage of 0.41% so they’d expect to pickup an injury every 244 races. Perhaps removing the jumps all together would save a lot of broken bones in the long run!

The most dangerous sport not involving a horse proved to be American Football, with a 4.10% chance of injury - which means they’re likely to get injured around the 24-game mark.

An in-depth look into each sport

American Football
Horse Jumping

What sports are most in danger of concussions?

Given how concussions are some of the most serious injuries one can suffer, we decided to take a look at the likelihood of receiving one depending on the sport you play.

Thanks to a study conducted by accredited neuropsychologists, we can accurately predict which sports are most likely to result in head trauma - something to consider when trying to play without a helmet!

Wrestling and martial arts are by far and away the riskiest sports when it comes to head trauma, though a finding we didn’t expect to uncover appeared in our research… cheerleading is apparently more dangerous than football when it comes to likelihood for head trauma. Perhaps those cheerleaders better incorporate helmets into their routines!

Wrestling/martial arts
Track & Field
Water Polo
Cross Country

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Last Updated: 3 January 2023