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Masters of Misconduct: The Managers with the Dirtiest Tactics

Which managers have seen the most disciplinary cautions in the Premier League?

Is there anything more entertaining than watching a manager go into total meltdown on the sideline?

From wild gesticulating on the touchline, screaming down the ear of the fourth official, to kicking drinks bottles in frustration, it's undoubtedly one of the more entertaining parts of any football match.

But which managers have seen the most cautions from referees in the Premier League? The team at AceOdds has crunched the data on managers' little indiscretions to take a fun look at those who have pushed themselves too far on more than one occasion.

We analyse all the data to find out who is top of the league when it comes to getting angry! Warning: Not for the faint-hearted!

The Most Fined Managers

We dug deep into the annals of the FA records on disciplinaries to find out which managers over the last 5 years have been naughtier than others.

Or at least, the ones who got caught, anyway.


Number of charges

Total Fines

Jurgen Klopp



Rafael Benitez



Thomas Tuchel



Marco Silva



Frank Lampard



Ralph Hasenhuttl



Neil Warnock



Antonio Conte



Jesse Marsch



Thomas Frank



Dean Smith



Slaven Bilić



Carlo Ancelotti



Maurizio Sarri



Nuno Espirito Santo



Unai Emery



It's clear that Premier League managers aren't afraid to make their feelings known on the sidelines, and as such, it's no surprise that some of them have racked up hefty fines for their outbursts.

Jurgen Klopp tops the list with a shocking total of £158,000 in fines due to his four charges for misconduct! Herr Klopp has become a bit of a Premier League bad boy lately, with his latest outburst netting him a two-match touchline ban.

Rafael Benitez's single charge earned him a fine of £60,000 back when he was at Newcastle. The charge was brought after he *checks notes* praised referee Andre Marriner ahead of their game.

The FA said, ' Clubs are being advised that any media comments by managers, players or any other club officials relating to appointed match officials before a fixture will no longer be allowed.' So positivity or negativity will be treated equally harshly!

Thomas Tuchel and Marco Silva have also been fined heavily for their behaviour - with two charges each and a total of £55,000 in fines for Tuchel and £40,000 for Silva. Truly eye-watering sums of money.

While the potential punishments may seem harsh, managers must be held accountable for their actions. Players may receive red cards for violent conduct or dissent, but managers must set an example to uphold the integrity of the sport.

It's important to remember that these fines are not just a deterrent but also a way to ensure that football remains as fair and safe as possible.

The top 20 managers with the dirtiest tactics

While many managers can often have a combative relationship with referees and officials, some have developed a reputation for having well-disciplined teams.

After all, while fracases with match officials and managers are rare, barely a game goes by where a team doesn't receive at least one yellow card.

So a well-disciplined team keeps a lid on everyone's emotions so games don't fly off the handle.

We decided to look at yellow and red cards for managers of every Premier League team over the last 5 years.

First up, we have the managers who employ the dirtiest tactics.


Julen Lopetegui and Jesse Marsch rank in joint-first for managers whose teams receive the most bookings for different reasons!

Lopetegui's problem is that in the one season, he was in the Premier League for the last 5 years, his team attained six (yes, six) red cards. His team acquired so many red cards that it could be described as a disciplined approach to ill-discipline.

While Marsch's team didn't attain as many red cards, they still managed to get the most yellow cards per season compared to anyone else - and as we all know, enough yellows and you'll get a suspension anyway!

Klopp was revealed as the manager with the most disciplined team, despite his personal behaviour


Jurgen Klopp, the villain of managerly conduct in the previous study, turns out to be the hero of this story if you look at his team's record for yellow and red cards.

His Liverpool team of the previous five years has averaged about one yellow card per game and one red card a season. Good for a man who's prone to losing his cool from time to time.

Maurizio Sarri's short spell at Chelsea was also notable for his team's restraint… unless their name is Kepa. His team received 49 yellow cards and zero red cards throughout that campaign. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to see him stay past the single season!

Pep Guardiola at Manchester City is a shining example of what can be achieved with gentlemanly conduct and team discipline: a hoard of trophies and even an iconic treble!

Guardiola has one of the best team disciplinary records and hasn't received a single fine in the last 5 years in English football. Though he's certainly had his moments on the touchline, he hasn't ever stepped over the line.

Good discipline on the pitch goes a long way toward helping teams succeed. An engaged manager and players who understand their professional responsibilities can make all the difference in achieving success.

While some managers have been handed hefty fines for their behaviour, it's clear that some still manage to keep their emotions in check and ensure discipline is maintained.

Those who do get caught out should serve as a warning to others - football is meant to be fun, but if you step too far over the line, you may face severe repercussions from the FA. So be warned!

That said, we're all prone to losing our cool occasionally, especially in high-pressure situations. So let's be thankful most of us will never have to worry about how much our outbursts cost us!


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    • Results were aggregated for managers who managed more than one team in that time, i.e., Rafael Benitez at Everton and Newcastle.

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