Bet365 £1 Million Slots Giveaway

Last updated by on 27th Feb 2017

Expired 26th February 2017 - Likely To Return Later This Year.

Bet365 Slots Giveaway

Promotion Details

Bet365 are running a Million Pound Slots Giveaway from 30th January to 26th February 2017 across Bingo and Games. Customers have the chance to win multiple cash prizes over eight prize draws when they stake £10 cash on qualifying games. Cash prize amounts range from £10 up to £5000 and there are 60,000 cash prizes available to win, totalling one million pounds.

Customers will earn one prize draw ticket for every £10 cash staked on qualifying Featured Games and two tickets on qualifying Double Ticket Games. There are no limits to the amount of prize draw tickets a customer can earn, and customers can win more than one cash prize per qualifying round. The entry tickets a customer earns for the prize draw is directly related to the amount staked on the qualifying slot games.

Key terms and conditions

  • The qualifying rounds run from 00:00 UK Time on Monday until 23:59 UK Time on Thursday and 00:00 UK Time on Friday until 23:59 UK Time on Sunday.
  • All qualifying games are available on desktop, mobile and tablet and are listed in full in the terms and conditions.
  • Customers can stake £10 cash cumulatively across Featured Games during a stated qualification round, however this does not apply to Double Ticket Games.
  • The qualifying games are as follows:
Game TypeQualifying GameDates to Play
Double Ticket GameClover Rollover30/01/17 - 02/02/17
Featured GameRich Treats30/01/17 - 02/02/17
Featured GameAdventures in Wonderland30/01/17 - 02/02/17
Featured GameFruity Burst30/01/17 - 02/02/17
Double Ticket GameClover Rollover03/02/17 - 05/02/17
Featured GameHeart of the Jungle03/02/17 - 05/02/17
Featured GameRainbow Riches Slot (Bingo only)03/02/17 - 05/02/17
Featured GameFireworkz Blitz03/02/17 - 05/02/17
Double Ticket GameBouncy Balls06/02/17 - 09/02/17
Featured GameJewel Mine06/02/17 - 09/02/17
Featured GameCash Cubes Slot06/02/17 - 09/02/17
Featured GameThe Winnings of Oz06/02/17 - 09/02/17
Double Ticket GameBouncy Balls10/02/17 - 12/02/17
Featured GameBar-X10/02/17 - 12/02/17
Featured GameLeprechaun's Luck10/02/17 - 12/02/17
Featured GameChoco Munch10/02/17 - 12/02/17
Double Ticket GameDynamite Digger13/02/17 - 16/02/17
Featured GameDouble Juicy13/02/17 - 16/02/17
Featured GameFull Moon Fortunes13/02/17 - 16/02/17
Featured GameFluffy Favourites13/02/17 - 16/02/17
Double Ticket GameDynamite Digger17/02/17 - 19/02/17
Featured GameSnow Queens Magic17/02/17 - 19/02/17
Featured GameArctic Adventure17/02/17 - 19/02/17
Featured GameGeorge And The Dragon17/02/17 - 19/02/17
Double Ticket GameWild Gambler20/02/17 - 23/02/17
Featured GameBritain's Got Talent Superstar20/02/17 - 23/02/17
Featured GamePirate Plunder20/02/17 - 23/02/17
Featured GameAmazon Wild20/02/17 - 23/02/17
Double Ticket GameWild Gambler24/02/17 - 26/02/17
Featured GameBig Top Tombola24/02/17 - 26/02/17
Featured GameBounty of the Beanstalk24/02/17 - 26/02/17
Featured GameZodiac Supernova24/02/17 - 26/02/17
  • The prize draw dates are as follows:
Draw DatesNo. of PrizesDraw Total
3rd February5,000£75,000
6th February5,000£75,000
10th February6,000£100,000
13th February6,000£100,000
17th February7,000£125,000
20th February7,000£125,000
24th February12,000£200,000
27th February12,000£200,000
  • The prize draws take place at 10.00am on Fridays and Mondays following the qualification rounds by an independent company company specialising in prize draws and lotteries, called PromoVeritas Ltd.
  • If a customer wins, their prize money will be credited to the withdrawable cash balance within two business days.
  • There is no alternative to the cash prizes offered.


A customer stakes £10 cash on the Clover Rollover Double Ticket Game on 3rd of February and stakes £10 cash on the Heart of the Jungle Featured Game on the 4th February. This gives the customer three prize draw tickets for the prize draw at the end of the qualifying period from 3rd to 5th February, which takes place on Monday 6th February. The total amount of cash prizes to be won during this period is £75,000 and there are 5,000 prizes to be won. If the customer wins, their prize money will be credited to their withdrawable cash balance within two business days.

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