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888 Withdrawal Times & Payment Options for 2022

Last Updated: 22 June 2022, Author: AceOdds.com

Funds can reach your account in 1 - 3 days using the eWallet withdrawal methods. Debit Card withdrawals can take up to 6 days, and 888 Sport set a minimum withdrawal of £5 across all methods.

It’s nice when you get the chance to withdraw winnings from your 888 Sport, Poker or Casino account since winning is never guaranteed. If you are planning on placing another wager, check out the 888 promo code bonuses listed on AceOdds and use a qualifying deposit option.

Remember, you have to play any Bet Credits in your balance, and there may be minimum play terms associated with the promotional offers. Always review the terms and conditions, so you know what to expect.

The closed-loop policy links how you deposit and withdraw, and it’s a regulation that 888 Sport must adhere to. For example, if you deposit £80 via Paysafecard and win £198, you must make an £80 withdrawal via Paysafecard before you can request another withdrawal method. 

We created an account with 888 Sport, and when we attempted to make a deposit, we were only given the option to pay via Debit Card, PayPal, Trustly and Paysafecard. When we questioned this with 888 Sport customer support, they advised that we were only presented with deposit options that were also withdrawal methods.

Although this doesn’t match the details listed on their website, it’s a sensible approach to ensure you don’t have any issues when withdrawing your winnings. 

However, for this article, we will review all the withdrawal methods that 888 Sport’s website states are available to UK customers.

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Method Processing Time Min Max Fee
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
1 - 6 Banking Days £5.00 - Free
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
1 - 6 Banking Days £5.00 - Free
1 - 3 Banking Days £5.00 - Free
1 - 3 Banking Days £5.00 - Free
1 - 3 Banking Days £5.00 - Free
1 - 3 Banking Days £5.00 - Free
1 - 3 Banking Days £5.00 - Free
Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer
5 - 8 Banking Days £5.00 - Free

Debit Cards

Debit cards have a processing time of up to six days, with a minimum withdrawal amount of £5.

888 Sport certainly makes you wait for your winnings. Other online platforms can process Debit card transactions in a few hours, with eWallets providing instant transfers. However, 888 Sport advertises that the acceptance process may take up to one day. Add a potential five-day processing period for Visa Cards and four days for MasterCard, and you can be waiting up to six days before you see your money in your account.

Since 888 Sport doesn’t clarify if these are internal processing timescales or whether they factor in the bank processing times, you could also be waiting for your bank to take the steps they need on top of this.

Apple Pay

Withdraw a minim of £5 via Apple Pay, and your winnings will be paid in up to six days.

If you deposited via Apple Pay when using your iPhone or iPad, it’s good to know that you can also withdraw via this method. Once you request your withdrawal, 888 Sport may take up to one day to accept it. From there, they specify that you could be waiting another five days for the request to be processed.

Once again, you have a potential six-day wait for the money to be credited to your account. 888 Sport hasn’t specified a maximum withdrawal amount, but Apple Pay will.


Money will reach your account in up to three days, and you can withdraw as little as £5.

We’re getting onto the speedier methods now. Although 888 Sport still requires one day to accept your withdrawal request, the processing time is one to two days, meaning your money will be transferred in two to three days.

Skrill usually allows the transfer of larger amounts; however, depending on the type of account you have with them, there may be restrictions.


A minimum of £5 can be transferred to your Neteller account in two to three days. With a Neteller card, you can withdraw funds from an ATM.

 Just like Skrill, with Neteller, you can expect to see your money in up to three days. Remember, these are all ‘worst case’ timescales, and if 888 Sport can process withdrawal requests quicker, they will.

Neteller has different tariffs, and your tariff will dictate your transaction amounts. Always double-check that you’re withdrawing within the limits of your Neteller account.


PayPal transfers require a minimum of £5 to be withdrawn and can take up to three days.

Once again, there’s going to be a bit of a wait, even with one of the most widely used eWallets. 888 Sport may take a whole day to accept your withdrawal request, and then there are potentially another two days for processing the transaction.

On the plus side, PayPal processes transactions almost instantly, so once all the boxes have been ticked by 888 Sport, there shouldn’t be additional delays.


Withdraw a minimum of £5 from your cash balance to your MuchBetter account, and funds will clear in two to three days.

MuchBetter limits the number of transactions you can do during a specific timeframe. If you’ve been using it to send and receive money elsewhere, you may inadvertently hit your limit.

If you cannot withdraw your money via MuchBetter because of this, you will either have to contact them and request an increase or wait until you’re out of the timescale and can start again.


With a £5 minimum withdrawal limit, funds can be transferred to your bank account in two to three days.

Trustly can make deposits from your bank account to 888 Sport instantly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in reverse. 

The role of Trustly is to make bank transfers - that can take up to five days - instantaneous. However, the delay in withdrawing isn’t down to Trustly; it’s because of 888 Sport’s processing times. There’s a standard acceptance period of up to one day and potentially another two days for 888 Sport to process it.

Bank Transfer

Withdrawn funds can take up to eight days to reach your bank account. However, GBP to GBP could be quicker.

Bank or Wire transfers are expected to take the longest to complete - which is why Trustly exists. Bank Transfers are great if you’ve got a significant sum of money to withdraw. Although 888 Sport hasn’t specified a maximum transfer amount, it’s considered by other gaming platforms that you should stick to a limit of £100,000 per withdrawal.

How to Withdraw Funds

As we’ve mentioned, we created an account with 888 Sport so that we could create this guide. However, since we didn’t add any card or payment details to the system (some request it as part of sign-up), we were only given the option to withdraw via Wire Transfer.

As per our conversation with 888 Sport and the closed-loop policy, you will always be given the option to withdraw via the method used to deposit.

888 Sport Withdrawal
Finding the Cashier to withdraw your 888 Funds

Per the above image, you can access your account via the ‘Cashier’ icon and your account symbol. These will be accessible on all pages.

Once there, select ‘Withdraw’ and select your withdrawal method.

888 Withdrawal Screen
Selecting your withdrawal method at 888

It’s great to see the ‘Help’ section so easily accessible, given the issues we’ve raised and the differences between what 888 Sport’s terms say are accepted deposit and withdrawal methods and what’s made available.

Another thing to note on this screen is that you’ll have a total listed, and underneath, it will be broken down into Cash Balance and Bonus Balance. You can only withdraw from the Cash Balance, and if the Bonus Balance is part of a promotional offer, you may be required to wager it before you can withdraw your cash winnings.

Always check the terms and conditions of any promotional offer to ensure you know the score.

Once you’re set, input your withdrawal amount and payment method, then follow the steps on screen and hit Withdraw.

Always Bet Responsibly

As mentioned above, there are times when a promotional offer has a minimum amount of plays set before you can withdraw any cash. You must also play any Bet Credit since that doesn’t form a withdrawable balance.

When it comes to having cash winnings sitting in your account, you may also be tempted to bet again. It’s easy to do because it doesn’t feel like you’re spending money. After all, nothing is leaving your bank account.

We advise that you keep to the limits you set for yourself, withdrawing any winnings and taking it as cash. If you are going to rebet your winnings, take a look at the 888 Sport existing customer offers listed here in AceOdds to make your money go further.

Unaccepted Withdrawal Methods

Slightly tricky section to write, given our experience with 888 Sport customer support. However, as we've said from the start, the information provided in this article is based on the details provided in 888 Sport's terms and conditions.

  • Ecopayz, Sofort, Neosurf - These are listed as accepted deposit methods with 888 Sport, but they're not available for withdrawals. If you deposited funds using any of these methods, you'll need to speak with 888 Sport about an alternative.
  • Dedicated Card - 888 Sport certainly isn't alone in not offering a dedicated card that links to your online account. It would be great if all online betting platforms had them because they allow you to use your winnings like a bank account - paying for goods online and withdrawing cash at ATMs.
  • Google Pay - Apple users can benefit from depositing and withdrawing using Apple Pay, but Android users aren't as lucky. It's a speedy way to make transactions, but not one available with 888 Sport.
  • Credit Cards - Due to UK regulations, you won't find Credit Cards accepted as a deposit or withdrawal method with any online gaming platform.
  • Cash - 888 Sport doesn't have a physical presence. As such, there's no opportunity to make cash withdrawals in person.

888 Withdrawal FAQs

Contact 888 Sport if a withdrawal method you were expecting to see isn’t showing in your account.

Check the lead times specified by 888 Sport and if that time has elapsed, contact 888 Sport for support. Before getting in touch, check the status of your request in your Payment History, as that may provide more information.

In some instances, 888 Sport may request additional photographic ID as part of online fraud and money laundering protection activities. If requested, they’ll advise how you can provide the information quickly.

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