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Betdaq Deposit Methods - Which Methods Are Accepted?

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Official deposit timescales aren't available, but in our experience, deposits can be available instantly, given the upfront verification requirement.

This guide will walk you through setting up your account with Betdaq and the available deposit methods. It’s helpful to know what you’ll face in advance to decide on the best deposit method for you.

AceOdds lists the Betdaq new customer promotional offers, so check out our website and make your bets go further. Betdaq also allows you to add a promo code when creating your account, so don’t miss out.

We’ve also created an article on withdrawing funds from your Betdaq account. It would be beneficial to read this due to the differences and links between depositing and withdrawing.

Betdaq has a page on their website highlighting their payment methods; they’re unclear on the deposit timescales. However, there is a minimum deposit limit of £200 attached to Bank transfers and £10 for all other deposit methods.

All online gambling and gaming sites must adhere to the closed-loop policy, which connects deposits and withdrawals via the same payment method. To find out more about how this might affect your choice of deposit method, read our article.

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Method Processing Time Min Max Fee
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron
Instant £10.00 - Free
Instant £10.00 - Free
Instant £10.00 - Free
Instant £10.00 - Free
Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer
Instant £200.00 - Free

Debit Card Deposits

A £10 minimum deposit can be instantly added to your account. Deposit limits vary. Register up to three Debit Cards on your account.

With Betdaq, the maximum you can deposit is determined by how long you’ve been a customer with them and the verification status of your account. The minimum deposit amount is £10, which is on par with some other online gambling sites. However, some accept £5 as a minimum.

Direct Debit is arguably your best bet for depositing funds into your Betdaq account because it gives you access to all the promotional offers.


Deposit a minimum of £10 into your account. Your balance will top up instantly. Some promotional offers will be unavailable.

It’s important to flag that when you deposit funds into your Betdaq account using an eWallet, you’ll be excluded from taking advantage of some promotional offers. This warning appears when you select Skrill as your deposit method, as does a link to the terms and conditions for the promotions.

Without Betdaq sharing their reasoning behind this, we can deduce that this is to do with the fact that online gaming platforms have to swallow the transfer fees when money is deposited via an eWallet. However, Skrill doesn’t have transfer fees, so it’s unclear why depositing via this method would leave you unable to take advantage of some offers.


Deposit a minimum of £10 into your Betdaq account instantly. Some promotional offers will be unavailable if you deposit via this method.

As with Skrill, if you select Neteller as your deposit method, Betdaq will advise you that you won’t be able to participate in some of their promotional offers. Once again, it’s hard to say why this is because Neteller, like Skrill, is favoured by online gaming sites because there aren’t any transfer fees.

Betdaq provides a link to the offers so you can decide if you want to go ahead with this deposit method or not. eWallets remain a great alternative to Debit Cards for those who do not wish to store their Debit Card details on Betdaq.


A minimum deposit of £10 applies. Transfers are instant, and no fees are charged. However, you may be excluded from some promotional offers.

PayPal is the most commonly used and accepted eWallet in the UK, and Betdaq won’t charge you any fees for using it as a deposit method. However, like the other eWallets, it will leave you unable to take advantage of all the promotional offers available.

There is no deposit limit listed. Instead, Betdaq imposes restrictions determined by how long you’ve been a customer with them. PayPal may also have transfer restrictions, but if you only bet smaller amounts, you’ll find this an easy and convenient method. 

However, unlike many other online gaming sites, Betdaq did not give us the option to agree to the PayPal terms and bypass the second stage of authentication. 

Bank Transfer

A minimum deposit of £200 but no maximum is imposed. Betdaq will not charge you for a bank transfer, but your bank may.

Although Betdaq doesn’t warn you that depositing funds via Bank Transfer will exclude you from some promotional offers, some specify that they’re only valid for card deposits. Always read the terms and conditions of any promotional offers of interest to you before selecting to deposit funds via Bank Transfer.

Betdaq does not specify a maximum deposit limit. However, your bank might. From past articles written, the advice found has been to stick to a £100,000 transfer maximum. 

How to Deposit Funds

Having set up accounts with many online gaming sites, we can confirm that creating your Betdaq account takes the longest (so far). We waited over half an hour before logging off for the day, and our documents were still being verified. During this time, you cannot add funds or start gaming.

When we logged back in, we received a notification that our balance was zero, and Betdaq prompted us to add funds. You can start the deposit process this way. If you are not immediately ready to deposit, you can click out the window and continue exploring the site.

As an eWallet, Neteller differs from others on the market because you can get a card with it, allowing you to withdraw the funds in your eWallet. 

Betdaq Deposit menu
The deposit button in the BetDaq menu

As with other online gaming sites, the Deposit icon is accessible from every page on Betdaq’s website. Just click on it, and it will take you to your options.

Betdaq Deposit screen
Choosing your deposit method at BetDaq

By default, the Debit Card option will be your first choice, so all you need to do is fill in the appropriate fields and make your deposit. You may want to stick with this option since it will enable you to participate in all the promotional offers.

However, should you prefer to deposit using one of the eWallets or via Bank Transfer, select Alternative Methods, and those detailed above will be available.

Always Bet Responsibly

Setting Limits

Like some, but not all, online gaming sites, Betdaq will ask if you want to set a Deposit Limit when you create your account. However, you can still use the site and place bets without setting any limits.

Betdaq encourages you to gamble responsibly, and setting a Deposit Limit is one of the most popular methods.

Betdaq Safer Gambling
Using the Safer Gambling options at Betdaq

You can access the Safer Gambling tools from any screen on Betdaq’s site by selecting the menu above. From here, you’re taken to the available Gambling Controls and links to sources of support, should they be needed.

Betdaq Gambling Controls
The Betdaq Safer Gambling options

As you can see, the Deposit Limit is the first option presented to you. This allows you to set a maximum amount you can deposit daily, weekly or monthly. You can easily reduce what you can deposit and spend less. However, you will need to contact Betdaq if you wish to increase your deposit limit, and there will be a 24-hour wait for the increase.

Next up is Time Management, and within this section, you have the Reality Check feature, which can be accessed and set up from your My Account section. This will alert you when you’ve been playing in the casino for a specified time, encouraging you to step away and take a break.

Also accessed from your My Account section is the Time Out feature. This feature blocks you from your account for 24 hours up to six weeks, depending on your request. Once you’ve requested to go into Time Out, you will have to stick to it, as it cannot be reversed.

You can close your Betdaq account by contacting their help desk. However, you can always reopen it in the future. If you need to take an enforced break from Betdaq, the Self Exclusion feature is recommended. You can exclude yourself from Betdaq for six months to five years, and unlike when you’ve closed your account, you won’t be able to reverse this request.

Unaccepted Payment Methods

Betdaq gives many options, but they’re predominantly eWallets. Here we’ll review the deposit methods that aren’t available with Betdaq but are accepted by other online gaming sites.

  • Alternative eWallets - Betdaq is flexible with eWallets, allowing deposits from PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, arguably the most popular. However, with other online gaming sites, you’ll also find MuchBetter, which works via your mobile number instead of your email and Rapid Transfer.
  • Paysafecard - Growing in popularity. You top up your Paysafecard account by purchasing cash vouchers, and it’s an excellent way to control spending limits.
  • Apple Pay - Although you can download the Betdaq app to your Apple device, Apple Pay isn’t an approved deposit method.
  • Google Pay - Likewise, there’s a Betdaq download for Android, but it doesn’t offer additional deposit methods like Google Pay. If you’re using the app and don’t want to add card details, an eWallet is your best bet.
  • Dedicated Card - There are more online gaming sites that don’t offer a dedicated card than do. However, when available, you can use the cash balance in your gaming account to purchase goods or withdraw as cash. Bet365 and Coral offer cards such as this.
  • Cash - Since Betdaq is an online company, there’s no option for funding your account with physical money.
  • Credit Card - Regulations established in April 2020 prohibit Credit Card deposits in the UK, even though it may be available with the same company in other countries.

Betdaq Deposit FAQs

Register up to three Debit Cards with Betdaq from your My Account section. However, you’ll need to contact Betdaq customer support to change stored cards.

As a way to ensure customers are gambling within their means. Betdaq may monitor accounts and apply net loss limits (a review of spending and winnings), and once you reach the limit, you’ll not be able to deposit until the compliance team has reviewed your account.

Due to regulations, Betdaq will not accept Credit Card deposits. If a Debit Card has been rejected, you must ensure it’s registered to the same address as your Betdaq account and in an accepted country.

You can only register a card to one Betdaq account. Cards are only accepted where the name on the card matches that registered on the account.

No. Betdaq only permit one account per customer.

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