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Tue, 28 March 2023 - Today's Matchups

Start Time Event
06:00 Tottenham (PhoeniX) Esports v Dortmund (stdm) Esports
06:14 AC Milan (ACAW) Esports v Dortmund (stdm) Esports
06:28 AC Milan (ACAW) Esports v Tottenham (PhoeniX) Esports
06:42 Dortmund (stdm) Esports v Tottenham (PhoeniX) Esports
06:56 Dortmund (stdm) Esports v AC Milan (ACAW) Esports
07:10 Tottenham (PhoeniX) Esports v AC Milan (ACAW) Esports
07:30 Liverpool (PhoeniX) Esports v Man City (stdm) Esports
07:44 Man Utd (ACAW) Esports v Man City (stdm) Esports
07:58 Man Utd (ACAW) Esports v Liverpool (PhoeniX) Esports
08:12 Man City (stdm) Esports v Liverpool (PhoeniX) Esports
08:26 Man City (stdm) Esports v Man Utd (ACAW) Esports
08:40 Liverpool (PhoeniX) Esports v Man Utd (ACAW) Esports
09:00 Napoli (PhoeniX) Esports v Atalanta (stdm) Esports
09:14 Roma (ACAW) Esports v Atalanta (stdm) Esports
09:28 Roma (ACAW) Esports v Napoli (PhoeniX) Esports
09:42 Atalanta (stdm) Esports v Napoli (PhoeniX) Esports
09:56 Atalanta (stdm) Esports v Roma (ACAW) Esports
10:10 Napoli (PhoeniX) Esports v Roma (ACAW) Esports
10:30 Sevilla (PhoeniX) Esports v Arsenal (stdm) Esports
10:44 Sporting (ACAW) Esports v Arsenal (stdm) Esports
10:58 Sporting (ACAW) Esports v Sevilla (PhoeniX) Esports
11:12 Arsenal (stdm) Esports v Sevilla (PhoeniX) Esports
11:26 Arsenal (stdm) Esports v Sporting (ACAW) Esports
11:40 Sevilla (PhoeniX) Esports v Sporting (ACAW) Esports
12:00 Barcelona (PhoeniX) Esports v A.Madrid (stdm) Esports
12:14 Real Madrid (ACAW) Esports v A.Madrid (stdm) Esports
12:28 Real Madrid (ACAW) Esports v Barcelona (PhoeniX) Esports
12:42 A.Madrid (stdm) Esports v Barcelona (PhoeniX) Esports
12:56 A.Madrid (stdm) Esports v Real Madrid (ACAW) Esports
13:10 Barcelona (PhoeniX) Esports v Real Madrid (ACAW) Esports
13:30 Netherlands (k1w1Q) Esports v France (myxlunka) Esports
13:44 England (Ganger_29) Esports v France (myxlunka) Esports
13:58 England (Ganger_29) Esports v Netherlands (k1w1Q) Esports
14:12 France (myxlunka) Esports v Netherlands (k1w1Q) Esports
14:26 France (myxlunka) Esports v England (Ganger_29) Esports
14:40 Netherlands (k1w1Q) Esports v England (Ganger_29) Esports
15:00 RB Leipzig (k1w1Q) Esports v Bayern (myxlunka) Esports
15:14 Dortmund (Ganger_29) Esports v Bayern (myxlunka) Esports
15:28 Dortmund (Ganger_29) Esports v RB Leipzig (k1w1Q) Esports
15:42 Bayern (myxlunka) Esports v RB Leipzig (k1w1Q) Esports
15:56 Bayern (myxlunka) Esports v Dortmund (Ganger_29) Esports
16:10 RB Leipzig (k1w1Q) Esports v Dortmund (Ganger_29) Esports
16:30 Liverpool (K1w1Q) Esports v Real Madrid (myxlunka) Esports
16:44 PSG (Ganger_29) Esports v Real Madrid (myxlunka) Esports
16:58 PSG (Ganger_29) Esports v Liverpool (K1w1Q) Esports
17:12 Real Madrid (myxlunka) Esports v Liverpool (K1w1Q) Esports
17:26 Real Madrid (myxlunka) Esports v PSG (Ganger_29) Esports
17:40 Liverpool (K1w1Q) Esports v PSG (Ganger_29) Esports
18:00 Arsenal (k1w1Q) Esports v Chelsea (myxlunka) Esports
18:14 Tottenham (Ganger_29) Esports v Chelsea (myxlunka) Esports
18:28 Tottenham (Ganger_29) Esports v Arsenal (k1w1Q) Esports
18:42 Chelsea (myxlunka) Esports v Arsenal (k1w1Q) Esports
18:56 Chelsea (myxlunka) Esports v Tottenham (Ganger_29) Esports
19:10 Arsenal (k1w1Q) Esports v Tottenham (Ganger_29) Esports
19:30 Man Utd (K1w1Q) Esports v Juventus (myxlunka) Esports
19:44 Barcelona (Ganger_29) Esports v Juventus (myxlunka) Esports
19:58 Barcelona (Ganger_29) Esports v Man Utd (K1w1Q) Esports
20:12 Juventus (myxlunka) Esports v Man Utd (K1w1Q) Esports
20:26 Juventus (myxlunka) Esports v Barcelona (Ganger_29) Esports
20:40 Man Utd (K1w1Q) Esports v Barcelona (Ganger_29) Esports
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