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Wed, 14 April 2021 - Today's Matchups

Start Time Sides
14:30 MEM Grizzlies (broccolicabbage0) Esports @ SAC Kings (Answer2208) Esports
15:05 ATL Hawks (mcdonals999) Esports @ CHI Bulls (nikitos349) Esports
15:40 SAC Kings (Answer2208) Esports @ ATL Hawks (mcdonals999) Esports
16:15 CHI Bulls (nikitos349) Esports @ MEM Grizzlies (broccolicabbage0) Esports
16:50 CHI Bulls (nikitos349) Esports @ SAC Kings (Answer2208) Esports
17:25 MEM Grizzlies (broccolicabbage0) Esports @ ATL Hawks (mcdonals999) Esports
18:00 DAL Mavericks (Rom1pr) Esports @ BKN Nets (Shell_Doc) Esports
18:35 MIA Heat (megasnake4) Esports @ NO Pelicans (KingLeonAnd1) Esports
19:10 BKN Nets (Shell_Doc) Esports @ MIA Heat (megasnake4) Esports
19:45 NO Pelicans (KingLeonAnd1) Esports @ DAL Mavericks (Rom1pr) Esports
20:20 NO Pelicans (KingLeonAnd1) Esports @ BKN Nets (Shell_Doc) Esports
20:55 DAL Mavericks (Rom1pr) Esports @ MIA Heat (megasnake4) Esports